Party Food

dill potato salad

Posted on Jul 17th, 2014

In addition to my basil, my dill has also been growing. I decided to make dill potato salad to use some of it up. Most of the dill potato salads that…

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old bay & honey wings

Posted on Feb 5th, 2015

Since we've moved to Maryland, our Old Bay consumption has gone way up. Most tables on restaurants have salt, pepper, and old bay shakers. One of my…

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oven bbq wings

Posted on Jul 3rd, 2014

Wings are perfect party food. I usually make buffalo wings when it is football season, but when I'm not in the mood for something spicy, I like to…

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party food: guacamole

Posted on Jan 30th, 2014

Guacamole is hands down my favorite dip. I make it countless times over the summer to bring to the pool and the beach. Also a bowl of guacamole, a…

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sriracha and bacon cheese ball

Posted on Feb 10th, 2015

I came across this recipe and knew that I had to make it for the super bowl party that we were attending. Words cannot describe how good it was. The…

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