I’ve been debating writing this post for a while, but to put it concisely – I’m just plain burnt out. I never wanted to come to dread something that I love so much, but I have. So, I’ve decided to stop forcing myself to post on a regular schedule, and let things happen organically. It might mean that I might skip posting a week, or I could post 5x a week. I’m hoping that by letting myself relax a little bit, I will get those creative juices flowing.

In other news, my husband has been living with IBS for the past 8 months ago. Actually, let me rephrase that, his IBS has gotten significantly worse over the past 8 months and his doctors are trying to figure out what is causing it to worsen. I’ve mentioned that he avoids dairy before, but at one point it had gotten so bad that he couldn’t digest anything with fiber in it or anything with gluten. Which sucked. Big time. He went through a battery of tests and has had so much blood drawn that I’m surprised that he has any left, and the doctors still haven’t found anything specific to cause it. Right now he is still avoiding gluten and diary, but he is back to eating fruits and veggies. He was tested for Celiacs and gluten intolerance – both came back negative, but he has found that not eating it seems to be better on his stomach/intestines. Needless to say, it has made cooking a challenge because I am not avoiding gluten or dairy and I’ve found that most recipes are either one or the other. Moving forward, I’ll be adding more gluten-free recipes and continuing with dairy-free options because that is what I cook at home. I’ll be adding new categories in case you are also avoiding certain things, and plan on going back through my recipes and tagging them as such. I’ll also try to add in suggestions for substitutions that can make something gluten/dairy free if you want it to be.

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  1. Jen says:

    Blogging the way you have is a Full-Time job for many people, so it is understandable that someone such as yourself with another Full-time job outside of blogging is burnt out. Whether it is 5 days a week or 1 day a month I will always look forward to reading what you have to say. Love you! Get some rest!

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