new-ish candles


I found a candle that I loved, but accidentally dropped the bag with it on the way home. Unfortunately, the ceramic was shattered beyond repair. Instead of throwing the whole thing out, I melted down the wax and poured it into 3 smaller containers to make new candles. If you don’t have any broken candles lying around, you can also use the last little bits of jarred candles. Just freeze the whole container, and use a butter knife to pop the wax out of the container. The container can then be cleaned and reused.


I keep a couple small bags labeled by type (wax, soy, etc), and when I get enough scraps, I melt them down and pour new candles. I bought a big spool of wick and some wick tabs, so I can always have the perfect length of wick. I’ll collect containers when I see them for future projects. The ones that I used in this project are from Target.


I ended up pouring a little too much wax into one of them, but after a few uses, it won’t matter.



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