christmas cards 2014


I finally put my Christmas cards in the mail over the weekend. I had hoped to get them out soon, but alas, that didn’t happen. I drew inspiration from this pin that I found on Pinterest. It took a couple of iterations to figure out the correct spacing of the ribbon. I wanted it to be a bit fuller than the inspiration.


I used a very thin cork sheet for the stem of the tree, and used a 5/8th inch star punch on glitter paper for the stars. I originally had tried glue to glue the ribbon in place, but it wasn’t drying fast enough to hold the ribbon in place. I switched to glue dots which allowed me to quickly add the ribbon and move on to the next card.


I also went though a bit of testing when picking out the color/font for the cards. I ultimately went with Wisdom Script in a nice bright red. I wanted the envelopes to have a bit of pizzazz so I added a few details in addition to the address.


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