christmas card 2012


Last year I meant to do a recap of the previous two year’s Christmas cards in addition to the card that I was sending out in 2013….but that didn’t happen. Whoops. This year I am picking up where I left off last year, with the card that I sent out in 2012. I came up with the idea during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Our entire area had lost power, and I couldn’t get over how quiet everything was.


The handwriting took the longest when making these. My hand would cramp up after about  5 cards so I had to do them in very slow batches. If I remember right, I also glued a few snowflakes and large specks of glitter on the cards around the lettering, but it seems that the copy that I kept didn’t have them.


I used three different types of iridescent white paper for the trees to make them a little more interesting. These are still one of my favorite Christmas cards that I have made. I just love the simplicity of it.

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