a holiday coffee sleeve


A certain coffee shop has red cups for the holiday season. They kinda clash with my regular felt sleeve, so I decided to make a special one for the red cup season. I actually made one a couple of years ago, but it has since gotten a few coffee stains on it, so this is a replacement. They are pretty easy to make, but a few tips.

  • Use real wool felt. It feels so much better than that plastic stuff that they are selling as felt.
  • Trace the pattern onto the felt and embroider it before you cut it out, which will give you more space to hold onto while embroidering.
  • Sew the embroidered piece onto the fabric that you are planning on cutting out the second piece out of, then cut them out together. This will keep the edges neat.
  • With the two layers of felt it will be a little tight the first couple of uses but it will stretch out.


Coffee sleeves also make a great gift. You can also pair them with a gift card to your favorite coffee shop. Enjoy!

coffee sleeve pattern


Download pattern here: coffee sleeve pattern

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