diy: leather business card holder


Now that I have new business cards, I need something to hold them in. I wanted something that would keep them nice and crisp in the cavern that I call a purse, while still being stylish. I debated ordering something, but with the thickness of the cards any case that I was able to find was only able to hold a few.


The leather I used was a little thick, so I made it wider than I would’ve if I had used a thinner leather. You can trim it down depending on the thickness of your material, but the pattern will give you a rough shape.


It is easy to put together, but in case you need directions here they are: Cut out the patterns and trace them onto your material.Cut your pieces out of your leather. Line them up and sew the diagonals first. At this point I found it easiest to place the bottom snap, then I sewed up the sides. Again, depending on the thickness of your leather, you might have to trim the tops of the side pieces slightly. Close up the envelope to see where the top snap goes, then place it. I forgot to buy decorative snaps, so I placed the top snap on a piece of scrap leather then glued it into place. Fill with business cards and enjoy!

Here is a printable with the pattern: leather business card holder

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