TMNT mask


In the late 80s I had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles birthday party. My mom made masks like this for all of the guests to wear, which were totally gnarly. After the party, the masks remained a staple in our dress-up box for years to come. I made these adult-sized, but if you print them at 75% they should fit a child. They also make an easy Halloween costume, just pair with a green outfit and some pizza.


[Ignore the paper backing on the red mask, I could not find red felt anywhere that didn’t have a sticker back.] To make the masks you need 2 pieces of felt [green plus either Red – Raphael, Orange – Michelangelo, Blue – Leonardo, or Purple – Donatello], elastic and tacky glue. Cut out the green part of the mask, and the eye piece. Mark where you are going to attach your elastic. Measure your elastic so it fits around your head. Using the tacky glue, glue the ends of the elastic to the green part of the mask. Let dry completely. Use glue to attach the eye piece to the mask so that the eye holes line up. Let dry and wear.

TMNTmask Download template here: TMNTmask


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