knotted necklace


I am not a big fan of super chunky necklaces. I like how they look, but they usually end up annoying me enough mid-day that I end up taking them off.  This necklace is lightweight enough for me to wear all day, and still has a bit of an impact. I made it using three strands of metallic seed beads strung on microfilament. The beads can look either silver or gold depending on what they are paired with, which is great because I can wear it with pretty much anything.


I found these great crimp beads called Magical CrimpLoks and used them to hold the strands together. I don’t know if they are necessarily magic, but they do work pretty well and saved me from having a mess of crimp beads on the ends. I made it about 2 inches longer than I wanted to wear it which gave me plenty of space to knot it. I knotted it to one side, but it is loose enough that I could always undo it and knot it somewhere else or just leave it plain.

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