diy: cord taco


I don’t remember where I first saw a cord taco, but as soon as I did, I knew that was the solution that I had been looking for to solve perpetually tangled headphones. I had tried fancy wrapping techniques but I ultimately would get lazy and would end up with a mess. To put it simply, it was frustrating. I’ve since seem them all over ranging in price, but because I already owned leather and snaps, I decided that it would be easy enough to DIY.


I found that a 3″ circle gives me plenty of room to fit my headphones but snug enough to keep them in place. If you had smaller snaps – mine are 7/16″ – then you could probably get away with 2.75″.


Make it couldn’t be easier; you cut it out, attach the snaps, and go. I made up a little pattern so you don’t have to track down something in your house that is 3″ wide. It also has marks for the placement of the snaps. You can download it here:  cord taco pattern


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