felted dryer balls


This is a super easy DIY. Up until now, I’ve always used plastic balls or tennis balls in the dryer. If you’ve used either of these, you know how loud they can be. I didn’t want to stop using them and go back to using dryer sheets because I found that my clothes felt better without dryer sheets. I started researching alternatives and came across felted dryer balls.


I decided to make my own using 100% wool roving yarn. You can also use just plain roving or 100% wool yarn. I liked the roving yarn because it gave the best of both worlds. You need a lot of roving to create any type of structure. It is also a lot easier to create a ball with yarn. I found this yarn at Joanns. It would also be a great way to use up any leftover scrap yarn that you have, it just has to be 100% wool so it can be felted. You start by creating a ball of yarn. You want it to be pretty compact, so wind it tightly as you go. Once you reach the end, make sure that the end of the yarn is tucked in well.


Place it in the toe of an old panty hose/sock and tie a knot in it so the ball stays in the toe. Then throw it in the wash with your next load of clothes. Hot water is best for this, so I washed mine with a load of towels. I wanted to make sure that it was fully felted, so I also threw them in with a second load of clothes. After they were washed twice, I put them in with the clothes to dry.


I carefully removed the socks to check that they were felted properly (you shouldn’t be able to unwind the yarn at all and it should seem more compact). If for some reason they aren’t fully felted, you can just tie them up again and continue the washing/drying process until they are felted. They will continue to get more compact as they are used.


  1. Kathy Dahll says:

    Great idea! Are they really quieter? I stopped using plastic ones and tennis balls because they were too noisy.

    • Kressley says:

      I used them all day yesterday, and I couldn’t hear that they were in there. They also made everything come out fluffy!

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