a makeup bag for me

001 - makeupbag

Last year I posted about a makeup bag that I made had made for my sister and friends as gifts. I had been meaning to make myself one since then, but never gotten around to it.

002 - interior

I finally made myself one right before we flew up to New Hampshire this year for the fourth of July. I didn’t change anything with the pattern, but I did end up using a separating zipper, which made it so much easier to flip the bag around when you insert the zipper and form a fabric tube.

003 - handle

Just make sure that your zipper is a couple inches longer than you need it to be, so you can cut off the end that separates after it is inserted. I again used laminated fabric on the inside to make it easy to clean up any spills, but instead of quilting weight fabric I used some light home dec weight fabric on the outside.

004 - tab

I did this because I had some small amounts of home dec fabric that I liked. It didn’t seem to make the bag any stiffer.

005 - filled

Overall I love it and am please with how much it actually holds. To give you a visual, I’ve taken everything out of my bag to show you just how much can fit.

006 - makeup

Not too shabby.

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