small painted bowls


I’ve been seeing painted bowls all over Pinterest. I came across some small tapas bowls at target and knew that they would be perfect for them. I used Martha Stewart paint because you can bake it and it becomes permanent. You can’t eat off of them, but they are perfect for decorations and collecting small objects around the house.


To paint the bowls, you first need to clean them with soap and water. Once they are fully dry, you can paint them however you want. I’ve found that it takes a couple of thin layers to get a full coverage.


Once painted, let them dry for 72 hours. Then you place them in a cold oven.


Turn the heat to 350 degrees, and once fully heated, cook for 30 minutes. Turn off the oven and let it cool completely. This will keep your dishes from having temperature shock and cracking.


If you are worried about your bowls cracking you can let them air cure by letting them sit for 21 days. Your bowls are now ready to use!

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