knitting bags for travel

005-closed drawstring

I feel like we have been doing a lot of traveling this summer. I have been bringing my knitting along for something to do in the car/plane/etc. I wanted something that could be put in my purse, without adding too much extra bulk.

001-yarn bag

One of my least favorite parts of trying to travel with knitting is having my ball of yarn getting all tangled with what I am knitting.

002-open bag

To combat this, I made a little bag to hold my ball of yarn with a grommet to keep the yarn from getting tangled. I used a magnetic closure to keep it closed. I debated using a zipper, but didn’t want anything that could get tangled.

003-back bag

Now that my yarn was separate from my project, I needed something to keep my knitting from getting mixed up with everything in my purse.


I ended up making a simple drawstring bag that was big enough to hold everything along with an extra skein of yarn and some small knitting notions. It’s not fancy, but it works. ┬áSo far my project is still looking great.

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