a new summer tote

001-whole tote

Last year I made myself a summer tote. While I loved how it turned out, the leather straps stretched out a bit more than I would’ve liked, and it wasn’t structured enough so it tended to collapse when I had too much stuff in it. I decided to rectify both of those things by making myself a new tote this year. It is almost identical in size as the previous one, but instead of doing box corners, I added side and bottom pieces. Also to give it more structure, the lining and exterior are both duck cloth.


I used a heavier leather for the straps, and lined them with a ribbon to give them a little color. I attached the handles with brass rectangular rings and also used brass rivets.

003-exterior pocket

All pockets were lined with a coral home dec fabric that I found in the remnant bin at Joanns. I left the front pocket open because I like easy access to my phone.

004-interior zip


005-interior organizer

I created a zippered interior pocket on one side of the interior and a organizer on the other.


I did a 2 inch drop zipper for the closure. I attached the ends to the main bag with two rivets on each side. I used a bit of ribbon to make the zipper clasp easier to grab. I’ve been using the bag for about a month and love it so far. It seems that all of my previous troubles have been fixed.


  1. Sue Evans says:

    I love this tote! I saw the last one you made and loved it too. Do you have a pattern that you might sell me? Also hoping to get to see it in person tomorrow at Diane’s maybe?

    • Kressley says:

      I don’t have a pattern, but I can bring my notes and explain them to you! And yes, we will be there tomorrow!

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