leather wallet + free pattern





A little over a year ago I made a leather wallet for Charles. He was tired of keeping a large one in his pocket and wanted one that was a bit more streamlined. He recently told me that he wanted one with another pocket that kept his id separate from the rest of his cards because he needs to access it every day to get on base for work.


I played around with the design a bit and came up with a new wallet for him. It is made out of one piece of lightweight leather that is folded and sewn together. The leather will stretch slightly with use, so it might feel a bit tight in the beginning. I reinforced the top a bit with some hand sewing, but the rest I sewed with my machine. To give it a little extra touch, I stamped his initials in the front flap. They are still pretty faint, but as the leather wears they should become more pronounced.


I’ve included a pdf version of the pattern I created. The wallet could also be made out of a heavy canvas, if you can’t find leather. Click the button below to download:



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