work in progress wednesday: trellis scarf


Ever since I knitted my mom a shawl for Christmas, I’ve been wanting to knit one for myself. I didn’t want one exactly like hers, so when I came across Purl Bee’s Trellis Scarf pattern, I knew that it would be perfect for a shawl. I casted on 134 stitches instead of the pattern’s 49 to make it a little wider than the shawl that I made for my mom.


So far it is going pretty smoothly, and it is great to see the trellis pattern emerging as each row is knitted. To help keep track of where I am, I made and printed out a little card of the 8 rows that are repeated. I printed it out on card stock and laminated it to make it a bit more durable when it is hanging out in my knitting bag.


I am knitting with Paton’s Silk Bamboo in Stone because I loved the drape and weight of it in my mom’s shawl. The color is a beautiful grey that has a blue undertone. I am planning on having a final length of around 65 inches so I still quite a bit to go, but so far it is going pretty smoothly. Maybe I’ll have it finished by the fall when I’ll have a good reason to use it.

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