moonlight sonata candles


I always like to have little gifts on hand just in case I need something last minute. I’ve been making gifts for so long that I always feel a little guilty if I buy something instead of making it. Candles are perfect for this because you can whip up a big batch of them all at once, and always have some to go. I prefer lightly scented candles to heavily scented ones, so I made these with about half of the scent that the package called for. I also found that by mixing vanilla with lavender subdues the lavender and creates a wonderful, relaxing scent.  I did about half vanilla scent and half lavender. I used a wax that was made for containers and was slightly opaque. A couple of chips of blue and red dye rounded out the mix. I named it after Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata because I always find that listening to it calms and relaxing me. I used 2 inch round labels and printed them at home.


I think my final recipe was:

  • 2 lbs container wax // There are a bunch of different types, it doesn’t matter as long as it is marked for containers
  • 1/3 oz vanilla scent
  • 1/3 oz lavender scent
  • blue and red coloring

You should be able to find all of the materials at any craft store. Make sure that you use scents and coloring that are made for candles [My store places the candle making right next to the soap making so I always have to double-check]. I poured them into 4 oz mason jars, and I think I made about 10 candles.


Candles can’t be easier to make. You melt the wax in container that you place in boiling/simmering water which creates a double boiler. You don’t want to melt it directly over the flame because this can cause the wax to catch on fire. I use a metal pitcher that I bought at a craft store, but even an old rinsed out can will work, just pinch one side to make a spout. Once the wax is melted, melt in the coloring. Remove from the heat and mix in the scent. Pour into containers that you’ve fitted with wicks. I like to stick the wicks to the bottom with double sided sticky circles so they don’t float up with the wax is poured. I keep the wick tight by wrapping the top of it around a chopstick. Pour the wax about 3/4 of the way full. Once it sets it will cave in around the wick. You can go back and top it with more wax to smooth it out. You can reheat the reserved wax if you need to. Trim the wicks and your candles are set.

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