happy halloween!

I buy my parent’s cat, Mr. Binks (or Minky), Halloween costumes. They really are small dog costumes because there is a reason that they don’t make costumes for cats. In the past I’ve dressed him up as a banana:

And a bumblebee:

But this year is even better – a lobster!


Doesn’t he look so pleased? Speaking of cats, Charles and I went to a Halloween party this past weekend, and we dressed up as cats.

I was Maru and Charles was Grumpy Cat. Also in the picture is Erica who was also dressed up as a cat:

I made the ears which I attached to headbands. I also attached a small box to another headband using hot glue to wear on my head since Maru loves boxes. I had thought about finding a big box to get into from time to time, but that seemed like a pain in the butt, so I went with a more abstract take on it.  I made Charles a meme shirt that said “I went trick or treating once, it was awful.” My sister painted his face, which was incredible when it was done. If you are doing full face makeup and don’t want it to rub off everywhere, finish it with translucent finishing powder. We used this one, which I use every day to set my makeup, along with an old makeup brush. You can also find cheaper versions at Target, CVS, etc.; E.L.F. makes one that is pretty inexpensive. Just load your brush up with the powder then gently dab it onto the face. You don’t want to sweep the brush because you can move around the makeup. One year my friend Erika was the wicked witch of the west, so we painted her completely green. After we had finished with the powder, she was able to spend the night without getting green paint everywhere.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Halloween!

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