pretty ribbon lanyard

A couple of weeks ago I started a new job. I am required to wear a lanyard with my ID badge on it whenever I’m in the office. They gave me a standard issue one, but like most standard issue things it was just kinda blah. I thought about making one that was made out of beads, but I wasn’t sure if it would end up hurting my neck. I frequently have to use the badge to swipe in to places, so I was worried about pulling on beads.  I was also afraid that it would get tangled to a necklace that I was wearing. I decided that ribbon was the way to go, and was able to find a ribbon in my box of ribbons. I went with a 7/8th inch ribbon, which I found to be a good width. I wanted something that was soft on both sides, so I made sure to find a ribbon that was finished on both sides. I found the ribbon clamps at AC Moore, but you should be able to find them in the jewelry department of most craft stores. You want the clamp to be about the same width of the ribbon. I used my current lanyard to measure out my ribbon so it would be the same length.

I then crossed them slightly so it would lie flat around my neck when I was wearing it.

I trimmed it so there was a straight edge, and used a little E-6000 glue for security when placing it into the clamp. I used jewelry pliers to close the ribbon clamp.

Once it was dry, I used two 6mm jump rings to attach it to the retractable thingy, which then attaches to my ID badge. It was a very simple project, and I am planning on making a couple more to mix it up. Right now I have my eye on Jessica Jones’ blue dachshunds.

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