vanilla ice cream with figs and olive oil

No matter what time of the year it is, ice cream is my go-to dessert. In the colder months I usually don’t go out for ice cream, but still enjoy it at home. While I do enjoy the more regular toppings, I have started to mix it up a bit. Somewhere I read about putting olive oil as a topping. Like the peaches and basil combination, I immediately dismissed it as something only crazy people would eat. But then my curiosity overcame me, and I decided to give it a try. Turns out that they were right again. The trick is to use a premium ice cream, and a good extra virgin olive oil. They melt together, and make something wonderful. I decided to up the ante by adding fresh figs, which are currently in season. If you’ve never used fresh figs before, you just have to rinse them under water, then you can use them, there is no peeling involved. I thinly sliced the figs, and topped them with the ice cream. A sprinkle of sea salt completes this dessert. If you are serving it to other people, I would recommend not telling them about the olive oil/salt until they have tasted a bite first. It can be pretty hard to convince them that it really is good, and not at all weird, without coming off like a crazy person.

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