reversible apron

When I worked in a coffee shop, aprons were a necessity. I was tired of the plain black ones, so I started to make my own. I also made some for a couple of my friends. This is one that I made for my friend Diane. I appliquéd each side. On one side I did hearts, and the other I did a cat that looks like her cat Pumpkin.

The apron itself is made out of 3 quart flats, some rick rack trim, and any fabric that you wanted to appliqué with. It is super easy to do. You just appliqué each side the way that you want to and round the bottom two corners. Then you do two 1 inch pleats about 4 inches from each side. This causes it to flare out slightly. Sew the wrong sides together with the rick rack around the edge. Make sure that you seam goes straight through the middle of the rick rack.

When you turn it right side out, it will show out the side.  You cut the last quarter flat into three 6 inch strips. You sew them together so you end up with one long strip. I wanted it to be long enough to loop around to the front, but if you wanted it to be shorter you can trim it to however long that you want. Press the strip in half, like a hot dog. Fold in the edges, so it is now folded in fourths and attach it to the top. Make sure to tuck in the ends to create a finished edge. Sew around the top, and enjoy your new apron.


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