grocery list

On Tuesdays I go grocery shopping.  I try to go only once a week because it cuts down on impulse buys. This requires weekly menu planning, which is a post for another time. I used to write out my list on scrap pieces of paper, but I found that I always lost them or they would be completely unorganized so I would wander around the store. I decided to make my own printable lists, which would force me to be more organized. I originally laminated the list and used vis-a-vis wet erase markers to make my list, but I found that if my hands were wet at all, say from an iced coffee, I would smear it and end up with marker all of over my hands. I went back to just printing them on card stock and using a marker [currently I am loving the sharpie pen]. The list has enough lines for even the biggest shopping list, and there is a check box if you have a coupon. I have a menu board that I keep a running list of items that I need to buy for the week, and usually plan my meals, including the items that I need to buy, on a scrap piece of paper. Before I go shopping, I write out the list onto the main list and group the items by section/aisle. This makes shopping a breeze, and I can be in and out of the store in no time.

Each page has two 4.5″ by 8.5″ list, and you can download it here:  grocery list


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