I’ve been feeling rather uninspired lately. I usually have a whole bunch of ideas percolating around in my head at any given time, but lately there haven’t been any. I’ve had a couple of large project ideas, but no motivation to start on them. Maybe it is the changing season; I feel like I am caught between summer and fall. It seems too late to do anything summery, but too early to start on anything fall related. I’ve just been feeling blah.

I spent the weekend trying to come up with some new inspiration. I went to my favorite local fabric store, and spent part of the morning perusing the fabrics. I left with a bunch of fabric that I just had to have [isn’t that always the case?], and a few new ideas. One of the large projects that I’ve been kicking around is making a new quilt for our bed. I made a quilt just before we got married, but I’ve been wanting to make another one that is slightly larger. I also discovered that I can now rent time on a computerized longarm quilting machine, which makes the project seem less intimidating. If you haven’t done it, it is an absolute pain in the butt to quilt a large quilt with a regular sewing machine. I bought a new pattern, Amy Butler’s Gumdrop Pillow, which I’ve been eyeing for a while. I’m excited to start playing with my new fabric.

On Sunday, Charles and I hit up one of our local farmer’s markets. It is a great time in the season for vegetables and fruit, and everything looked great. We bought a basketful of vegetables. Knowing that the vegetables are so fresh, I couldn’t help but be inspired and came up with a couple of recipe ideas on the spot. Hopefully I’ll be able to transfer the ideas in my head to the table, but I can’t wait to start cooking.

I definitely am ending the weekend much more inspired than I started it. Hopefully I will continue to move out of my funk, and go back to feeling creative and inspired.

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  1. Sam says:

    I love fresh vegetables and fruits. They always taste so much different than the ones from the grocery store. Hopefully you’ll get your creative mojo back soon – sometimes we all have periods of low inspiration.

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