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I love magazines, and subscribe to quite a few. I used to have stacks of them all over our apartment, but they seemed to stack up quickly and just made everything seem cluttered. I even posted an instagram of some of my magazines:

One day I finally had enough, and decided to come up with a way to keep the parts of the magazines that I wanted to, but still reduce the clutter. I now hold on to the current month’s magazine, and the one prior.  Once a month, I gather up the magazines that are older than 2 months, and start going through them. I found that by ripping off the cover, I am able to neatly pull out 10-15 pages at time. I then go through them and place them into 4 piles: discard, keep for pictures, recipes, and articles I want to re-read. The discard pile gets recycled, and the articles that I want to re-read get stapled together, and then put into a large envelope. I keep it near my bed, so when I want something to read before bed, it is an easy option. If there are two articles that share the same pages, I’ll staple all of them together so I don’t have to go searching through to the end of the article. This tends to happen when both articles are continued on the same page.

I put the keep for pictures pile into a folder, and when I get a chance, I go back through them and cut out the pictures that I want to save. This usually allows me to pare down the pictures again, so I ultimately end up with pictures that I want to look at again and again. I then paste them into a canvas covered sketch book. The result is a book that I like through when I am in the mood to be inspired.

For the recipes, I put them into plastic page protectors, then I organize them into a 3-ring binder. I try to only keep recipes that are for meals that I would actually prepare, and recipes that aren’t readily available anywhere else, like the internet. A lot of magazines post their recipes online as well, so I will check, and if it is available there I will bookmark it, and discard the paper version.

I tried to organize them into sections, but also created a section in the back for recipes that don’t fit into one category. If we try a recipe, and find that we don’t like it, I immediately pull it out and recycle it. This keeps me from having a bunch of recipes that I don’t really like, and will probably never make again.

If I find that there is a magazine that I just can’t part with, I put it in a magazine holder that I keep on our bookshelf. It may seem like a lot of work, but I usually do it while I am watching tv. I now find it satisfying to see my stack of magazines shrink, and my recycling pile grow. Are there any other magazine hoarders out there, and how do you deal with the clutter?

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