earring holder

A few years ago, I was looking for a way to display my earrings, and I came across a picture of a wooden frame with a stretched doily. I loved the simplicity of it, and the doily made an adorable backdrop to a dainty earring collection. I painted an old wooden frame that I had with primer, then used some paint that I had bought as a sample for a wall color. I bought a doily at Joann’s and attached it to the frame using a staple gun. [Make sure to pull the doily very taut because the weight of the earrings will pull it down a bit. Also, go slowly with the staple gun so you don’t split the wood.] I then trimmed the excess doily, and it was done. I hung it on a nail, which makes it super easy to remove when I want to add/remove earrings.

It also makes a great present when gifted with a new pair of earrings.


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