packing list

A couple of years ago we flew to Las Vegas for Charles’s brother’s wedding. We were going to have a layover in Chicago, so we decided to stay a couple of days to visit our friends. Then we decided since we were so close to California, we might as well fly to San Francisco to visit my uncle. We packed for our 10 day trip in 2 carry-on bags because we didn’t want to pay luggage fees for 5 flights. I was terrified that we would forget something along the way, so I came up with a packing checklist. Each time we repacked, we checked off the items and we were able to make it across the country and back without forgetting a single thing.

Charles and I are off to Chicago/Wisconsin for a wedding, so I decided it would be a good time to post about my packing list. The original list had checkpoints for each destination, but since most people aren’t crazy enough to do such a whirlwind trip, I cut it down to two (to & from). I print out one checklist for each person and we keep it in our suitcases so we always know where to find it. I hope that this list helps you with your packing and keeps you from forgetting anything along the way. Download a pdf of it here: travellist

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