a coral clutch

I tend to choose clothes that are in safe colors (blues, white, grey, tan, black, etc). When it comes to accessories, I like to have a little more fun. I came across this gorgeous bright coral fabric at Joann’s, and decided to make a simple clutch with it. I used the same idea behind the pattern for the beaded clutch that I had made, but instead of making it a bow shape, I left it as a rectangle. The fabric has a bit of weight to it, so I played around with the idea of pleating it. I ended up making 1/2 inch knife pleats. After making the pleats, I ironed a medium-weight interfacing to it. That, combined with the side seems keep the pleats in shape, but still allow them to move a bit. I hand sewed the lace onto the band part of the clutch, which was so much easier than the beading.

Overall, it took under 2 hours to create. If people are interested, I’d be willing to do a tutorial/pattern of the basic idea behind the bag so you could make your own.

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