I recently found some watercolor pencils at barnes & noble and bought them on a whim. I love the look of watercolor, but usually have a hard time getting the paint brush to express what I am picturing in my head. I’m a little bit better at sketching with pens and pencils, so the watercolor pencils allow me to have the best of both. I fooled around a bit and came up with these little round flowers.

They are cute, but I am not in love with them. I decided to make a more natural looking flower, and focused on these big pink flowers that I had in a vase. I love the way that they came out.

For each flower I messed around with layering different colors with the pink so they took on a more dimensional hue. I also tried to use the paint brush to pull the color in from the edges to give the petals more definition. Here is a close-up of the center flower where you can still see some of the yellow and red that I mixed in.

I also played around with the size of them, and created this flower that is about twice the size of the others. I am thinking that it would be perfect centered on a mother’s day card, or maybe a birthday card.


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