a birthday card

It is one of my best friend’s birthday tomorrow! Diane and I have been friends since we shared a gym locker together in 7th grade, which was right after I moved to New Hampshire. We are lucky that even though we both moved about 7 hours south of our hometown, we still live about an hour away from each other. She is also one of my favorite people to make gifts for. Because I want her gift to be surprise, today I am only going to post the birthday card that I made for her, with a little sneak peek of the gift. I will post about what I made her tomorrow.

I’ve always enjoyed making cards for people because I never seem to be able to find store bought cards that I like, and I am always up for a crafting project. This card was pretty simple, and I just used scraps of paper that I had around. I incorporated the wrapping paper that I am going to use to wrap her gift.

Here is a little sneak peek of tomorrow’s post:


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