wrapped bracelet

I am still on a bracelet kick; maybe it is because they take next to no time to make so it is almost instant gratification. I’ve always been drawn to the color combination of pink and brown, so when I came across these beads, I knew that they would be perfect with brown leather. I couldn’t find brown leather cording that I liked, so I ended up going with a waxed cotton cording that looks similar to leather instead. I used a nylon monofilament for wrapping. The waxed cording ended up being a good choice because the wax held the monofilament in place as I wrapped the bracelet.

I wanted to create the look of multiple bracelets without the hassle of having to put on more than one bracelet, so I connected them with a  jump ring. I love the way that it turned out; it is girly without being overly so. If I get tired of them being together, I just have to take out the jump ring to separate them.

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