doodle art

When I was in school I used to doodle a lot. I would doodle in the margins of my notes, on the notebook covers, and on the brown paper of my book covers. When we moved into our apartment, I was looking for some cheap art to hang on the walls. I found a large stretched canvas at Joann Fabrics, and knew that I could make something out of it. I thought back to my doodles, and felt that I could make a large-scale version of it.

I sketched out a rough design with a pencil, and once I was satisfied with how it would look, I started coloring it in with Sharpies. I think that I went through about 6 Sharpies. I didn’t have any trouble with it rubbing off on my hand, but I did work from the inside out. I was planning on doodling over the entire canvas, but ended up liking the negative space.


I’ve also thought about coloring in parts of it, but I always go back to loving the simplicity of the black and white. What was supposed to be a temporary solution to break up the whiteness of the walls has ended up being a permanent decoration in our dining room.


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