work in progress wednesday: hexagon quilt

Shortly after I heard that Hurricane Sandy was going to make landfall in New Jersey, I realized that if we were to lose power for an extended period of time, I would need some kind of craft to keep myself busy. I had made a lap-sized hexagon quilt before, and had been wanting to make one that was slightly larger to keep on our couch for naps. I printed out a bunch of hexagons to use for english paper piecing. I also decided that this would be a great stash buster, so I raided my fabric closet and got to work. Here is a blurry phone picture that I took the night of the storm:

I made the hexagons in all different colors, and when it came to putting the quilt together I just kinda went with whatever looked right. It ended up taking me about 4 months of working on and off to baste all of the hexagons and sew them together. It was a great winter project because you can sit with the quilt on your lap. Here is the quilt top:

I did end up having to buy some of new fabric because I tend to buy more blue fabrics than any other color, but overall I probably went through about 1/3 of my fabric. The entire quilt top was hand sewn. I sewed it in 6 hexagons by 7 hexagons chunks, and then sewed those together so it wouldn’t be too large to handle.

Here is the close-up of the back. I wasn’t too concerned with the amount of overhang when basting the hexagons. You can see that they vary in size. I placed the hexagon in the center of the fabric and just roughly cut around it. In the upper right-hand corner you can still see some of the paper. I  am still working on ripping out the basting.

I have already started on the back of the quilt, which is going to be mostly Kona’s charcoal with a few hexagons of color mixed in. Once I get the motivation, I will sandwich it and quilt it. The heat is killing my motivation right now. As soon as I finish it, I’ll share the photos.

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