happy anniversary – a look back at our wedding

Three years ago, Charles and I got married at a beautiful old farmhouse in New Hampshire. I DIYed a lot of the wedding, and it truly was a labor of love. Here are a few of my favorite details of the day.

There was a beautiful tree in the middle of the yard that I knew would end up in a lot of the photos. I decorated it using lanterns, fake flowers, and hanging crystals. I used wire to wrap around the base of the flowers and the crystals so we could hang them from the branches. It was a great centerpiece for photos, and when the sun went down the lanterns were beautiful.

There was an old fence running along the property that I wanted to hang flowers off of. Our florist had priced out pomander kissing balls, and they would’ve been super expensive even for small ones because we need twelve of them. Instead, I sewed a fabric basket that would hold a cheap vase. We placed nosegay bouquets inside of them, and hung them off of the nails that were already on the fence.

While I personally didn’t DIY these, my wonderful florist did. She grew wheat grass inside of large mason jars. The flowers are placed inside of them, but gave the impression that they were growing inside of the jars. I found the large jars at Michaels.

The only area that Charles and I couldn’t agree on, was what kind of cake we wanted, so we decided to order seven of them. I could only find one cake stand that I liked, and didn’t want to end up with seven cake stands when the wedding was over. I bought matching plates and bowls instead. I turned the bowls upside down and attached the plates to them using hot glue. When the wedding was over, I was able to separate them. Use just enough glue that they will stay stable, but not too much or else it will be a big headache when you try to take them apart.

I sewed these little birds out of felt to use as a cake topper. They have wire legs and my original plan was to stick them into the top of the frosting. I had a horrible time getting them to balance, so I glued them to the top of a cardboard cake plate. I then used some fake grass to cover the cardboard. I had asked my baker what size the top of our cake would be so there wouldn’t be any surprises the day of the wedding. I lightly placed it on top of the cake.

Here is one last photo of us. In the upper left-hand corner you can see the pennant flag garland that I made. I cut out hundreds of flags out of cardstock, and glued them to heavy cotton butcher twine. We crisscrossed them across the top of the tent, along with Christmas lights. It added a nice touch of color against the white tent top before the lights were turned on.

It was a wonderful day, and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I love you with all my heart, Charles.

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