makeup brush roll

I used to keep my makeup brushes loose in my makeup bag, but the bristles would get bent and I found that any leftover makeup would rub off on everything. As I started investing in nicer brushes, I realized that I needed to come up with another solution for storing them. I came across some of Amy Butler’s laminated fabric and knew that it would be a great fabric to make a makeup brush roll out of because it is easy to wipe clean and would keep my brushes protected.

I used Amy Butler’s sandlewood/ivory laminated fabric on the inside of the roll, and some green fabric from Jessica Levitt’s Timber line for the outside. It measures 12 inches wide by 11 inches high. The part folded up on the bottom is 5 inches. If you have shorter handled brushes, you could fold it up about 4- 4.5 inches.

I made sure to make the fold over part on top long enough that it completely covers my brush heads when folded down. Since I don’t clean my brushes every day, I didn’t want any foundation/concealer rubbing off on my powder brushes. I staggered the brush slots to accommodate different size brush handles. The larger slots are 2 inches wide, and the smaller slots are 1 inches wide. If you are making your own, don’t forget to include the seam allowances on either side, or you will find that your end slots are slightly too small.

It didn’t take long to make (about an hour), and it is a great starter project if you are learning how to sew. Makeup brush rolls also make great presents. I clean it with a makeup remover wipe every time that I clean my brushes, but a little warm water and soap will work as well.


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