beaded nests

I made some pendants out of wire and beads. I was inspired by a bird’s nest with eggs nestled in it. It took a bit of work, but I was able to create the basic shape that I had in my head. The wire kept wanting to spring out, and I was having trouble getting it  to stay flat. I was able to overcome this weaving the wire around itself. I went very slow so my wire didn’t crease.

I decided to make a second one, but instead of using multiple beads in the middle, I focused on one center bead. I placed smaller beads on the wrapping wire.

It reminds me of a solar system with the planets moving around a sun. They are both around 1.5 inches across, with the blue one being slightly smaller.

I haven’t decided if I will keep them for myself or give them as gifts. They would make a perfect little “just because” gift.

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