bracelet display

I love browsing the bead section of craft stores, and selecting beads to make simple bracelets. I was storing my bracelets in a jewelry box, but got tired of them turning into a big tangled mess. I decided to make something that would allow them to be stored separately, and be pretty to look at. I used a frame from Ikea, and cork, tacks, and glue from Joann Fabrics. I removed the glass from the frame, and glued the cork to the chipboard frame back. I put a bit of glue onto each tack before hammering it through the cork and partway into the chipboard.

The tacks are large enough that I can hang a couple of bracelets on each of them. I then reassembled the frame, and  hung it on the wall of my bedroom. I am loving the way that it looks. I can easily select which bracelets I want to wear for the day, without having to dig around in a box. How do you prefer to store your jewelry?


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