coffee ground soap

My dad loves coffee, so when I was trying to come up with something to make for Father’s Day, I knew that it would somehow involve coffee.  I thought about making a coffee mug, but he didn’t really need another one.  I came across this recipe for coffee ground soap,  and knew that it was the perfect thing to make.  I followed the recipe, but omitted the powered milk because I didn’t feel like buying it for only a teaspoon.  I used soap molds that I found at Michael’s because I wanted them to be slightly bigger than a traditional muffin tin.


I used an opaque glycerin soap (also from Michael’s), which is why mine looks a lot lighter than the one in the original link.  I mixed all of the grounds into the warm soap because I found that the grounds in the mold didn’t mix properly and just kinda sat on the bottom.  I also did it in two pours because I found that the grounds sank to the bottom and I wanted them to be somewhat dispersed throughout the soap.  The soap smelled like a vanilla latte when it was warm, but the vanilla smell faded after it cooled.  I had to keep reminding myself that it was soap because I just wanted to dip a spoon in and take a big bite.

soap closeup


After they cooled, I popped them out of the molds.  I let them sit for a couple of hours because I found that they were still a little wet.  I printed up some labels, and wrapped them in a layer of parchment paper, and then a layer of tissue paper.  Hopefully my dad enjoys them as much as I enjoyed making them.

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