peach, basil, & vanilla ice cream

I believe that it was last summer that I first heard of mixing peaches and basil together.  I had started growing basil on the windowsill of my kitchen, and was looking for other uses besides making pesto and using it on top of Italian dishes.  I came across the combination and thought to myself “blegh, basil and ice cream? and peaches? no way.”  But part of me was still curious about the combination, so when I was having ice cream with peaches one night, I added 1 lone basil leaf.  It turns out that it is a winning combination.  I soon added more basil leaves as I continued to eat.  It is now one of my favorite desserts to make when the peaches start showing up in my grocery store.

ice cream close-up

Peach, Basil, & Vanilla Ice Cream

  • 1 peach // Any type will do. I used white peaches here.
  • a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • 5-6 leaves of basil


  1. Slice the peaches into a bowl.
  2. Scoop ice cream on top of it.
  3. Thinly slice the basil leaves and sprinkle onto the ice cream.
  4. Enjoy!

I hope that you enjoy this as much as I do!