work in progress wednesday: hair clips

Recently, I’ve been gravitating towards smaller projects that are easy to sit on the couch and work on.  Using a tray I am able to bead while watching the new season of Arrested Development without making too much of a mess.  I usually find an errant bead (or five) when I get up, but it is nice to be able to do something with relatively little clean up.  I used a variety of small beads and attached them to a piece of cotton aida using silk thread.  I didn’t worry about always going through the holes like you would if you were cross-stitching.  I liked the the aida didn’t buckle under the weight of the beads, and there was little fraying.  I didn’t bother with a hoop, and sewed the beads from the inside out.  In both cases, I made up the pattern as I went.

black and white close up

blue close up


I am still fooling around with how to finish them off.  I will probably trim them down, and use some fray check.  I am also thinking about using a thin satin stitch around the outside to further prevent fraying, and to attach it to a piece of quilting-weight cotton.  I am planning on attaching a clip to the back of them to wear in my hair.  I am also fooling around with the idea of adding an elastic, and wearing them as a headband.  Maybe I’ll do one of each.

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